Monday, February 14, 2011

Brothers & Hair

Henry is a natural at his new role of big brother.
 My fun little cutie!
 Oliver has lots of hair.  Jaxon had lots too, but it was dark and all fell out within a few weeks.  Oliver still has all his as of 7 weeks, but we'll see....  I wanted some pictures of it incase it falls out.
 (My amazing, handsome husband of course!)
 Oliver's hair naturally sticks up like that.
Lovin' tummy time!
 Oliver is always getting kisses from these two proud older brothers!
 I love it when their little arms don't reach above their head.  It's so cute:)

1 comment:

QueenBee said...

So I pretty much just LOVE how blonde your boys are. They are just little studs.


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