Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I guess a temperature of 100.4 for a 2 month old means they need to be taken to the ER.  I thought it was 101.  Yep, I have 3 kids and I don't even know the magic number.  I need a better memory.

Anyway, when I took Oliver to the doctor on Monday and he had a temperature of 99 the doc was surprised when I told her it had been 100.4 the day before.  I knew Oliver wasn't feeling good, but I didn't know he was right on the borderline of needing to go to the hospital.  She said if he had come in with a fever of 100.4 she would have admitted him for monitoring at the hospital and ordered a urine test, chest x-ray, and spinal tap, but because he appeared to be on the way to recovering she just ordered the x-ray.  Woah, a spinal tap on my 2 month old baby?  That's a scary thought.  What a blessing that it had started to come down on its own!

The x-ray showed that he does have pneumonia so he had to get an antibiotic shot and goes for another one today and then will be given an oral antibiotic.  Poor little guy!  I am thankful he is getting better and I am thankful for medicine to help him get better!


Thorne Family said...

I'm glad they didn't have to do a spinal tap on Oliver. Those are awful!!! Wesson had 3 at less than a week old. I hope he gets better soon. It's so awful when little ones get sick.

The Stevens Family said...

SAD! I hope he gets feeling better sooner than later. That's terrible for a 2 month old. :-( I hope you are doing okay too! I know i'm exhausted taking care of only 1 child who's sick.. and I don't have to entertain any others.


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