Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Used What?

One of my New Year's goals this year is to switch over to as many natural products as possible so we can avoid having harmful and unnatural chemicals in our home (but that's another post...).  

So, a few weekends ago Devin and I made our first real visit to Whole Foods.  I had stopped in once before, but didn't have much time to browse.  In a store like that, where most things are new and unfamiliar, it takes time to read packages and labels so we wanted to take a trip without the distraction of the kids.  My fabulous mother-in-law watched all 3 kids so we could go with Elisha, Josh, and Reina.

The guys kind of separated from the girls to go check out some other things.  I was checking for cleaning products and shampoo and Devin was trying to find the yogurt he needed to make the vegan chocolate cake for my brother's birthday.

Josh had found some sausage samples the store had out and invited Devin to try them.  After picking up a toothpick from the pile and eating the sausage off the end, Devin realized he grabbed a toothpick from the USED pile.  SICK!  When he told us what he had done, we were cracking up in the store and making jokes about how nasty the person could have been that used it before him and how he might get sick.  We couldn't believe he made such a gross mistake!  His stomach did bother him the rest of the night, but it was probably psychological...

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