Thursday, August 26, 2010

What A Load

Tell me if this is not so hypocritical...

For daycare, I am sponsored by a food program.  They reimburse a portion of my grocery expenses.  I went to the annual training this past weekend where we are informed about new changes, paperwork, etc.  To be reimbursed, they have STATE REGULATED guidelines I have to follow.  I like the guidelines.  They insure the kids get balanced, healthy meals.  There are certain foods the care providers are prohibited from serving the kids...chicken nuggets, Ramen noodles (This one is newly added and people couldn't believe it.  Really?  You think Ramen is healthy?  Of course it's a junk food!), french fries, pop tarts, sausage, corn dogs, hot dogs, flavored milk, muffins, brownies, etc.  I agree that those are not healthy foods.

But, then why in the heck does the STATE serve those foods in public school lunches???!!!

That is what makes me mad.  I am totally all for prohibiting feeding kids garbage.  I don't want my kids eating that junk.  Occasionally, yes, but not often.  So, why isn't the state prohibited from serving those foods as well?!  They are the ones who made the guidelines I have to follow, yet they serve kids in public school the worst foods every day!  They should not be serving junk either!  You should hear what Devin says about the school lunches he's no wonder so many Americans are so unhealthy!  They start young!

Ug, it makes me dread the day my kids are in school and don't want to take a lunch from home anymore.  I won't be giving them lunch money for that garbage though!

Did anyone watch the Jaime Oliver Food Revolution?  I loved it and hope it happens in all of the US.


shirley elizabeth said...

Oh no way. I have big problems with government mandating what the people are to eat. So we are smart enough to elect these people that take care of us, but not smart enough to handle ourselves? That's not what government it about. It's everyone's own prerogative what they eat and what they do with their lives. If parents within a community wish for their child's school to serve better food, then the school will feel the pressure and get on it (and it's happened all over). But it should never be a decision of the government, but of the people.

Another thing is that a lot of schools serving healthier choices have a hard time getting kids to eat the food. It's understandable when you put out a cookie and a carrot together, but when the cookie isn't offered, the kids still won't eat the carrot. This says that it's much more than the influence of the school food that is unhealthy, but that the main problem is within the home. Of course parents want their kids to be healthy, and it's easy to sign a petition to have the school do it, but at home they are either ignorant about food or too lazy to care.

Royalbird said...

What's wrong with chocolate milk? I read recently that kids who drink chocolate milk actually drink enough milk compared with most kids who don't drink it. It might have a few more calories, but in small doses, I wouldn't consider it unhealthy.

As far as school food, I never had a choice, my mom made my lunch from 1st grade through senior year, same thing--a sandwich on whole wheat bread (at least she varied the sandwich), a piece of fruit, another side like carrots, and usually one or two cookies to round it off. Not even a drink--there are water fountains for that! I do the same thing as my mom. If my kids want to earn their own money and buy junk food at school, I guess I can't stop them since I won't be there, but that won't be until at least junior high anyway.

ashley wright said...

What a joke for reals. Im with you on this. School lunches should be MUCH healthier.

(I think in jr. high i ate a milkshake and fries everyday for lunch. SICK. maybe if they had anything healthier I wouldve gone for it! haha)

Fiery Jack said...

As I read this, before even looking, I knew one of the comments would be Shirley's. :-)

shirley elizabeth said...

Look how well my cute hudband knows me. And how late he stays up -- eek! and here I assumed married people slept together.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate milk has an exorbitant amount of sugar in it.

In general, the countries that consume the highest amount of dairy products also have the highest number of people with osteoporosis. The commercials lie. The human body isn't efficient at absorbing calcium from dairy products.

If you want good calcium absorbtion, get it from green leafy veggies like spinach. Vegetables also help decrease the body's acidity, which helps to prevent osteoporosis. Milk doesn't have that added benefit. For these reasons, I don't give the kids milk to drink. We still have dairy in the diet (greek yogurt, cottage cheese, other cheeses), but I don't rely on these dairy products for calcium. Dairy is kept to a minium in favor of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and small meat portions.


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