Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Getting Old

I have had the worst attitude lately.  I'm not unhappy, I just get irritated constantly.  It happens mostly when I have to do everyday tasks that usually I find joy in.  I feel terrible about it, but I just don't want to do anything!  I mean, like, I don't have any desire to make meals, do dishes, deal with the kids' fights, laundry, clean my house.  Usually, I enjoy doing these things and feel good about life when they are done.  But lately, pretty much anything besides sitting, seems impossible to me.  I have no energy.  Like none.  The other night, I fell asleep on the couch at 6:30!  Who goes to bed that early?!  Devin bathed the kids and put them to bed while I just slept.  Then, he took me to bed when he went to bed.  (Isn't he the best?!)

This is so not like me and it's driving me nuts.  Devin says it's probably because of the pregnancy.  I hope so.  This time around has been so different.  I have been trying not to complain, but I just feel so blah.  My first two pregnancies, I went on with life like I wasn't even pregnant.  I had a few sick days, but most of the time I felt great.  But this time has been almost the complete opposite.  Ug, and then I annoy myself with the complaining because I think so many pregnant women make things worse for themselves because of their own bad attitudes.  So, I've basically turned into that pregnant type that I can't stand!

I can't wait to be back to my old self.  That girl who exercises daily, has a spotless house, has her happy kids under control, makes time to prepare dinner, and does it all with a smile on her face!

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Kiera said...

Oh that is so awful! Doesn't sound like you at all:( You will for sure be back to your normal self before ya know it... Just relax as much as you can now and don't dwell on everything you would normally be doing! the worst of my pregnancy symptoms is irritability and lack of energy to and I HATE HATE that feeling! The second I had this baby it dissapeared though:) It'll come fast! Your still amazing!


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