Friday, August 27, 2010

2 Years!

It's Henry's birthday today!  When daddy told him happy birthday this morning, he said, "No happy birthday, no happy birthday Henry."  I'm not sure why, but he doesn't like to be reminded he's getting older!

He's such a funny little kid.  Devin likes to pester his kids and Jaxon gets so mad, but Henry just smiles and even gives Devin a courtesy laugh sometimes.  It's so funny!  He only likes to sleep in his crib and will go to sleep without a second thought as long as he's got a binki to suck on and a binki to hold.  He's going to have to adjust to sleeping in Jaxon's room the "boys room" and binki free before December when the baby comes.  He'll take his naps in there, but at night time, he wants his crib.  Any suggestions from fellow moms on how to ease the transition?

Henry is usually really easy going unless he's hungry or tired.  When Jaxon turned 2 he seemed so grown up, but Henry still seems so little.  He talks all day and can say almost every word he needs at this point in his 2 year old life.  He always asks questions and tilts his head to the side when he does it.  It's so funny.  Oh, and he does this cute thing when he's excited where he puts his arms in the air above his head and says, "yes!"  And, oh my gosh, he is the cutest little dancer!

A few of his favorite things to eat are noodles, popcorn, and oatmeal.  He likes watching Harry Potter (only the first one, the rest are too scary) and The Incredibles.

Here he is falling asleep on the couch yesterday (while attempting to finish his peanut butter sandwich).

I tried uploading the video of him falling asleep, but it didn't upload:(  It's hilarious!

(And no, I don't dress Jaxon in pants and sweaters in August.  As usual, he's in character with one of his outfits.)

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Moore Fun said...

Those pics made me laugh out loud. Happy B-day Henry. It is so cute that he has to have two binks to sleep. Post a pic of the belly girl!


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