Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Devin's Birthday

Today is Devin's birthday!  He's 27!  That's almost 30!

He's done quite a bit in his almost 30 years...  He's graduated high school, served a mission, married the girl of his dreams (me, obviously) for time and all eternity, bought a home, earned a bachelor's degree, became a daddy 2 times (soon to be 3), became a high school math teacher, bought a new minivan, been accepted into a masters program, and is currently the best husband ever.  I mean, really, he is.  I'm so grateful he chose me because I had my eyes on him for a long time!

Happy Birthday to the boy without a nickname!

PS...Jaxon saw these pictures of Devin and thought it was him.  I told him those are pictures of Daddy and he said, "Oh, daddy had blonde hair when he was little, but now he doesn't have hair because blonde hair falls out."  What a cutie!


Bryce and Candice said...

I thought devin had lots of nicknames let see there is or has been: brother, sunshine, doobie...crap nevermind that is all I can think of. Happy Birthday Devin!!!

Kayleen said...

Happy Birthday Fuzzy! That's the nickname I knew him by, and it kindof stuck with me. :)
I remember Devin when he was just a tike in those pictures. Such a cute kid.


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