Friday, August 6, 2010

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

I don't want to have a cake or eat one.

Devin and I had an interesting discussion last night.  Well, I thought it was interesting, maybe you'll think it was boring (should you decide to read this now).

Anyway, he asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday.  I told him I didn't want one.  I said I would rather him spend 3 hours doing pretty much anything else besides spending 3 hours in the kitchen.  (It really would take like 3 hours since he does it all from scratch.)  Plus, I don't want the kitchen to be a mess of dishes and cake ingredients.  He said, "How can you not want cake on your birthday?"  I told him I don't really like cake anyway, so it doesn't matter.  "But it's your birthday!" he said.  Yes, since it is my birthday, I am deciding to have no cake!  Living 3 hours husbandless to get a birthday cake in return is not worth it.

On his birthday, he can bake himself a cake.  I'm not being sassy, that's really what he'll want--to bake his own cake.

I think he'll try again to convince me to let him bake me a cake.  It won't work.


The Bottjer Family said...

Totally agree and since I know Devin well I know what you mean. =)

I don't like cake either and my choice would to also spend more time with my hubby (and not have to do dishes either!)

I know it's blasphemy in your house, but a cake mix or going out and ordering cake/ice cream after a bday dinner is so much more fun and less time and clean up!

Molly said...

I agree with you. If you tell someone something, they should believe it. We have no reason to be dishonest here. =)

shirley elizabeth said...

I think I know how Devin's feeling...maybe HE wants to make you a cake. Mike and I go through this all the time (ha or used to before I got prego lazy). He thinks "what's the point? It's not going to be ready for an hour and you're just going to heat up the house. We can just eat cereal."
But then there's the "Look baby I made this for you because I love you."

It reminds me of a story our adorable Prep for Eternal Marriage teachers told us. When they were first married, many years ago, he had a spare nickel and wanted to treat her to the two-donuts-for-a-nickel special. He had it set in his mind that he was going to treat her to a chocolate donut, and that's what he ordered. She said, "No, caramel (or whatever flavor it was she wanted at the time)" and he said, "No, chocolate." It turned into them both getting upset because on his side he was trying to treat her to a chocolate donut, and on her side he wouldn't understand that it wasn't what she wanted.

I think at times we need to step back and look at what part is really important and what really matters to the other as well.

And I'm not saying you're wrong. What might really matter in this case is that you really don't care for cake this time, and instead spending the three hours going to Real Joe's BBQ for your birthday instead. Mmmm cornbread.


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