Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Brother

Just wanted to post a few cute things about Jaxon and his new little brother...

The first time Jaxon heard Henry cry he was in the hospital and he was holding him. Jaxon made this sad face and started to cry too because he was worried about Henry. It was so cute:)

Jaxon loves to kiss Henry. I was worried that Jaxon would be really jealous, but he hasn't been at all. He wants to help and hold Henry all day.

Yesterday, I was going to pump some milk for the freezer. Jaxon was a little hesitant about the pump at first, so I explained it wasn't going to hurt mommy and it was going to help get milk for Henry. After being reassured, he wanted to help. I let him turn it on. He went to his little kitchen and got the beaters and tried putting them down his shirt to get milkies too.

After getting out of the shower I found this:

Jaxon had pulled these out of the trashcan and stuck them on himself. What a silly kid!

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