Friday, September 5, 2008

ATTN: Moms: I Need a Double Stroller

I need a double stroller. Any recommendations about which one to get and where to get one for the best price? Are sit-and-stands good?

Here are some I like:

$200 This seems good becuase they can face each other and entertain one another. And it have one sitting and one standing. But, it doesn't have a tray in front of the kids to put like snacks on and stuff, which could be annoying. Reviews:

Same stroller, more pics:|searchdepartment&Search1Prod=True

$160 This seems nice because they can both sit or one can stand too. This is Double...:

$170 Is this basically the same as the one above? This is Deluxe...:

OPINIONS??? 1, 2, or 3...or a different one?


The Bottjer Family said...

Here's my two cents:

I just got one (yesterday) since I have Jeffery all the time now and need to be able to take both boys places. I got mine from Graco:

I bought it on a different site though because it was cheaper there ( I googled it). I really like the Graco ones- their website has a lot of them- different patterns, styles, and different prices depending on what you want. Mine is a little heavy (but I think they all are). I couldn't find one with two feeding trays- I just don't think they make them (bummer). I got a Graco because I liked the pattern and I wanted to make sure it'd fit with the carseat I have. You're welcome to come check it/try it out to see if you like it. =)

If you don't like the Graco ones.... of the ones you listed- I like the second one (I think from Target?) that's green/gray. It looks more sturdy.

Becky said...

my advice: put two kids in it if you can and then give it a push in the store. we bought a jeep brand because it would take any brand of car seat in the back. however I feel like a pioneer with a hand cart trying to lug that thing around.

Nash said...

I have a Phil and Ted's double where the older child sits below. It is a very smooth ride. I love it. I got it on ebay. They are pricey, but worth it. USA baby carries them if you want to check them out.
Also, if you get into babywearing, you can get away without a double for the most part.
good luck.


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