Monday, September 22, 2008

Splish Splash

Henry loved his first bath! It was so cute! When he gets out I put lotion on his arms and legs to massage them a little. He likes it.

FYI for moms: This little bath hammock was like $7 at WalMart and is the best thing ever! I don't like little baby bath tubs. When using one, the baby sits totally out of the water and it's freezing for them. I feel so bad for the little guys! I hate a draft in the shower and I bet they don't like being out of the warm water. But with this, you can keep him in the warm bath water and still keep his head up. It's a wonderful invention!


Jami said...

Grace hated her baths, intill I switched her to REAL baths. She loved laying in the warm water. I loved it too, because I would give her one before bed, and she would splash herself to sleep!

Jen said...

thanks for the tip on the hammock. i will be on the look for that, i agree that the baby baths don't cut it! he looks to be enjoyin his bath, cute!


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