Thursday, September 4, 2008

25 Things I Love About Devin

Sunday was Devin's 25th Birthday. So, I thought it would be fun to post 25 things I love about him. Here they are:

1. He cooks!
2. His perfect hands and feet.
3. His unique voice.
4. His cute butt!
5. His desire to be healthy, from eating to exercising.
6. He loves to make me laugh and he's super good at it.
7. He is still a little boy at heart.
8. He loves me and would do anything for me.
9. He loves his family and shows it. Even if something happens that might upset him, he looks past it because he knows family is the most important thing and whatever the problem is, it is not as important as and having a good relationship with those we love. (He doesn't sweat the small stuff.)
10. He loves the Lord and the church and he honors his priesthood and fulfills his callings.
11. He works hard for his family.
12. He makes sure we have family prayer and scripture study and go to the temple.
13. He always compliments me on my physical looks and the things I do.
14. He loves to listen when I have a problem or issue or even to dumb girl drama!
15. He likes to cuddle and be affectionate.
16. He is a wonderful daddy to our little boys. He is so good at playing with them and caring for them.
17. When he doesn't know about something that comes up, it could be anything, he'll research it until he is informed about it.
18. During sacrament meeting, he's either sleeping or bugging Jaxon to keep himself awake--this is a new thing; he used to behave in church. He claims the benches have something to do with hitting pressure points that make him sleepy--yeah right!
19. He bears his testimony often.
20. At times, he's not very easygoing, but it has taught me to be more so; we're a good pair.
21. He is very good at talking to people and making a good first impression.
22. He doesn't yell-ever.
23. He is totally goofy!
24. I love the sharp features of his face: his jaw, chin, nose, etc...
25. He's going bald and I don't care!

Oh, one more: He's honest.

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