Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guy & Man

Devin has the old 1967 Spiderman cartoons on DVD and Jaxon has recently fallen in love with them. He calls Spiderman "Man" and when the bad guys come on, he says, "Uh-oh! Guy!"

So, at the pool today, he was running away from me like he was trying to play so I asked him why he was running. He pointed at me and said, "Man" and pointed at himself and said, "Guy" (with a huge grin on his face!) I asked him, "Are you the bad guy running away from Spiderman?" "Yes!" he said with a giggle. It was so cute that he was able to use his imagination to come up with that game all on his own. So, for like the next 20 minutes, he ran away while I tried to catch him. He just laughed and laughed. He loved it, and so did I; it was so cute!


Becky said...

watch out, Brendon started his spidy fascination at that age and we've had four Spiderman birthday parties since.

Tayce and Lacie said...

You tell Jaxson that we are meant to be friends... best friends. Because I love Spiderman too.


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