Monday, July 28, 2008

Mr. Miller, Math Teacher

Devin officially started his student teaching today! He's teaching at Queen Creek High School. The classes are basic algebra and calculus. He's excited because it's a range from the most basic to the most advanced levels.

It will be nice not to have the long commute and better hours! Plus, it's nice that he's starting his career, rather than just working at a job. I know he will do so good and be an excellent teacher! We just need to pray that he gets a job when he's done, which will be in October...mid school year, which can be risky...but, we know it will work out!

1 comment:

Candice said...

Just let me know when he's looking...Kevin's family has connections there at QC high school. I can't believe you are already so far along! Hope everything is going well :)


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