Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July 2008

I'm not a big fan of watching the fireworks in the 100 degree weather so this year we went up to Kanab, Utah. I lived there my junior and senior years of high school (go Cowboys!) and absolutely love their 4th of July celebration. They have a breakfast and parade in the morning, then vendors and booths for lunch at the park, and a BBQ dinner and show before an amazing fireworks show.

We invited our friends Josh and Joy and their little boy Landon to come with so we loaded up 4 adults and 2 babies in their Honda Pilot and headed north for a 6 hour car ride...

Jaxon is excited about all the snacks!
Here are the boys watching the parade. BFF's!
The splash pad at the city park was tons of fun for the boys to play in.
Here we are eating dinner and watching the show.
Daddy and Jaxon:)
The fireworks were awesome! They play patriotic music for about 3/4 of the show and then at the end they keep it quite so people can hear the echo off the mountains. It really is amazing! Jaxon was scared of them at first, but by the end of the show he was definately a fan!

We headed to St. George to see Devin's grandparents after the fireworks. We stayed in their 2 bedroom condo. The grandparents, of course, were in one bedroom and we gave the other to Josh and Joy so Devin and I were left to the pull-out sofa bed. I think that thing is actually like 50 years old...I knew it wasn't going to be very comfortable, but I didn't know it was going to be THAT bad! Because of the growing baby belly, now I can only sleep on my sides. I could feel every spring individually under my ribs and hips! Luckily Devin made plenty of jokes about it and we were so tired we fell right to sleep and slept relatively good!

The next morning, we played some cards with the grandparents before they headed back to Salt Lake. I think Josh is Grandpa Miller's new BFF because their card playing style is very similar: play to win no matter what how mad it makes your wife! Haha...j/k...the boys always play "meaner" than the girls, but they also always win (says the score, but who really wins when the wife is upset?)!

Anyway, after that Joy and I went for a little shopping time. The original plan was to go to Roberts (my favorite craft store ever! if only we had one in AZ!) but we stopped at the outlet stores first. We found awesome deals on clothes for our little guys and before we knew it, all our time was spent shopping for them and we didn't get to go to the craft store. It was okay though. Joy and I realized that we really are moms becuase we were so excited about the great deals we got for our boys and didn't really mind that we didn't get to go to the craft store. We also realized that we are married to some pretty great men who were so willing to watch our kids so we could have a fun break with just us girls.

We really wanted a cold treat so we picked up all our boys and headed to Iceberg for some "thick thick shakes." They really were thick. I don't know why they don't just call them frozen yogurt...anyway...they were really yummy too! We drove around looking at the huge homes in the area. I think we all found our dream home on Foremaster ridge...if only we had $800,000!

We ate at Basilla's for some yummy Mediterranean food and stopped in Devin's favorite grocery store ever, Harmon's "just for old times sake" oh, and I did need a few snacks for the ride home.

K, so we were going to stay another night in St. George and drive all the way home Sunday morning, but Josh came up with a brilliant idea: we would load up the car and leave after dinner and drive until we got to Flagstaff and stay the night there. That way, the boys would pretty much sleep the whole way rather than trying to drive Sunday morning after they had gotten a full night's rest. Then, we'd only have about a 3 hour drive home in the morning, instead of 7.

So, we got to Flagstaff at about 11:00 and both Landon and Jaxon woke up and wanted to play! They were in their pack & play beds watching each other instead of going to sleep...after about an hour of fussing/playing they both finally fell asleep.

The rest of the drive home went good. We had a great weekend, but were glad to be out of the car and home!

We had a few very memorable, hillarious moments...put Josh and Devin in the car for 7 hours and you'll probably laugh for about 6!

Devin: Man, there's Dick's popping up everywhere! (Referring to Dick's sporting good store.)

Devin said that he didn't even mean for it to be a joke, he was really just thinking, "Wow, I'd never heard of this store, and now they seem to be building them everywhere!"

Ruthann: What's Noni Juice?
Devin: You know, it's juice made by little men called Nonies. (said known-ees)
Josh: Noni is singular. It's made by the Nones. (said knowns)

These are probably some of those moments where you had to be there, but if you were there, you'd be laughing like crazy!

Happy Birthday America!


The Stevens Family said...

Ruthann! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I wish we could have seen you. I do miss you guys and Jaxon is getting so big!J.D. felt like we should go to Holden since we hadn't seen his parents since May... Hope the pregnancy is going great! It's almost time and you still look so tiny!!

Emily Lauren said...

What a fun 4th of July!! It sounds like a blast, and Devin's comment on the sporting goods store is cracking me up. I also am amazed that you made that baby bedding! How in the world do you know how to do that? It looks incredible! Jaxson is SO cute and looks so much like his dad :)
p.s. I hope you've applied what we learned at girls night :)


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