Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby Morgan

When I was little, my mom gave me this little Cabbage Patch doll, whom I named Morgan after a little boy I knew at the time...he was a little older (and I totally remember having a crush on him!) Anyway, having my own baby helped me to cope with my mom having a new baby. So, we pulled out Morgan for Jaxon to have his own baby.

He was so excited! He just held him and walked around saying, "Baby, baby, baby..." Jaxon likes to put Morgan in his crib and cover him and tell him to go night night. Some times, Jaxon will come tell me, "Baby" and sign crying. So I'll ask him if Morgan is crying and he says yes. It's so cute that he uses his imagination!

I'm so looking forward to having another sweet little spirit in our home. Jaxon is so fun and I love being a full-time mommy!

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