Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tagged: 8 Things

I was tagged my friend Connie and yes, I'm always excited for Mondays!

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Woke up feeling like I was having labor pains because my back hurt so much from a workout I did. My back was already giving me trouble, but something happened during this workout that now makes me feel like I'm having a baby whenever I bend down...what the heck happened? I wanted to be sore because then I knew I had a good workout, but this is not the right kind of good sore.
2. Dropped my brothers brand new iphone. He had it for literally like 43 minutes when I dropped it in the parking lot and scratched it! Dang. I felt so bad! Luckily, he's nice and didn't swear at me or anything. I said he could chuck my phone across the parking lot, but he passed on the offer.
3. Went to Target and bought some shirts and a new purse! Don't tell Devin! He has thing thing about my purses. When we first got married as was buying a new one like once a month and so I acquired quite a few. But, now I rarely buy one, but when I do, he definitely notices. So, here's a trick I learned from a girlfriend...after you buy it, don't use if for a while, then when you use it and he asks, "Is that new?" you can honestly say, "Nope, I've had it up in the closet for a while." Great plan!
4. Went shopping for fruits and veggies at Superstition Ranch Market--my new Happiest Place on Earth! (A post about this fabulous place coming soon.)
5. Went to Fry's without Jaxon (he was with my mom). That was a wonderful experience. It's SO much easier to shop without a toddler!
6. Ate Crazy Sub...Delicious! There is just something about a hot Poorboy that makes any day wonderful!
7. Watched Marley & Me...SO CUTE! I just might have to buy it. If anyone has seen it, the scene where Jennifer Aniston freaks out and wants to get rid of the dog because she's got two kids and it just so overwhelmed...that's my life on many days. I could totally relate.
8. Said goodnight to Devin and was sad to go to sleep without him next to me.

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. The Office
2. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
3. 90210
4. Gossip Girl
5. So You Think You Can Dance?
6. American Idol
7. Seinfeld
8. Everybody Loves Raymond

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Rigatoni's
2. Crazy Sub
3. Tom's BBQ
4. Pasta Factory (Utah)
5. Costa Vida
6. Spicy Pickle (California)
7. Morrison's Lobsters (Maine)
8. My own kitchen when Devin cooks

8 Things I am Looking Forward to
1. Devin coming home
2. 4th of July in California
3. Devin starting his new job with a 12 minute commute
4. Henry learning to walk
5. Taking the boys to Disneyland this September!
6. My back getting better
7. Devin starting his Master's program
8. Starting my book!

8 Things on my Wish List
1. More income
2. Permanently clear, flawless skin...yeah right. But a girl can wish, right?
3. Pay off school and come in the FAR future...
4. Non-saggy boobs
5. Full years supply of food perfectly organized (and a place to put it)
6. A bigger house with a bigger yard
7. To be a better mother and wife
8. To finish my book and have it be successful

8 Things I am Grateful for
1. Devin and my boys
2. The gospel and all that comes with it
3. All my family & friends
4. My house & cars
5. Technology
6. My body
7. A husband who cooks and tells me I'm beautiful and doesn't care if I wear my hair in a pony tail 6 days a week, sometimes 7:)
8. Taste buds...ever tried eating with a stuffy nose when you can't taste anything? BORING! I love eating because tasting is so great!

8 People I Tag
1. Janet
2. Jeannie
3. Joy
4. Mattie
5. Jada
6. Jenna
7. Brooke A
8. Jami


The Bottjer Family said...

Okay, I'll do your tag. Great advice about keeping your new purse in the closet for a while. =)

royalbird said...

I'll do your tag. I just wanted to comment on the purse thing, love that idea! And the part about Marley and Me, I totally felt her pain during that part too--I swear I yelled the exact same things at Corey at that point with our dog Snoopy!

Jeannie and Jason said...

Marley and Me is amazing! I will do your tag as soon as i get around to posting! haha, I'm a lazy bum

Molly said...

We dont really care where we live...Hopefully closer to MCC ASU area for school, our price range is pretty slim...about $600 a month. (I know, am I crazy?)We will be here for a long time. Another 4 years at least til Steven is done with his degree. =) Thanks! Hows your summer?

Connie (and Tony) said...

Your wish list cracked me up. Hey BTW, there's a spicy pickle in chandler on Ray and the 101! I know because it's right by Firehouse, my all time favorite sub place!


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