Thursday, June 4, 2009


First off, I got a GPS...Garmin 885T.  I really like it, but because much of the area where we live is new, the data isn't updated.  I even downloaded the most recent map update and it's still not current enough.  The hospital where Henry was born was built over a year ago and it's not listed!  I figure maybe it's okay that my Target isn't listed, but a hospital should be updated!  

Anyway...what I really wanted to talk about is...The Bachelorette!

I like Jake, Michael, and Ed.

Jake is a pilot.  He's the one who got to see Martina McBride with Jillian.  He is just so cute and he seems so genuine and nice and like he would just treat her so sweet!  He seems like such a gentleman.  I like him the best.  He's got the cute side smile goin' on.

Michael is the breakdance teacher from New York.  He's a cutie and I think he seems like such a nice guy and really  funny too.  I think they would have a lot of fun together.  She hasn't had a one-on-one date with him yet though, so I need to know more about him still.

Ed is the one who did the rope climb off the building.  He seems fun and pretty nice.  But, I think he might be a little bit too wrapped up in his career.  He did say it was something he was working on though.

Oh, and Kiptyn seems pretty cool too, but I need to know more.

Okay...on to who I don't like...Tanner P, Wes, Dave, and Juan

Tanner and his feet fetish...crazy!  I understand liking feet, but he is so obsessed!  He said he wanted to suck on her toes...gross!  It's a little weird, actually, I think it's a LOT weird!

Wes is the country singer.  I think he's kinda cute, but I don't trust him.  There's just something about him.  I can't realy put my finger on it yet.  He is also very possessive of her already, which is a little much.  Sure she is flattered by the song, but he might just want the exposure for his career.  I say no more roses for Wes.

Dave is the one who hates Juan.  Enough drama already!  Geez!  You are like 100 times worse than a girl!  He has such a temper and swears like crazy.  Not really a gentleman.  Let him go!  Oh, and just a side note:  when he gets mad his eyes pop out like Molly's from Bachelor's last season!

Juan is the guy Dave hates.  He's just not very manly.  He seems kinda sissy to me.  He can go too.

So...who do you like and not like???


brady lady said...

i too love the bachelorette, i still have to watch this weeks epidsode (it's patiently waiting on my dvr)

Thorne Family said...

I agree with all that. I really don't like Juan or Dave. Plus the "Feet Guy" can just go! That is gross!

John and Jada McFarlane said...

I like Ed the most and Dave the least. I am so happy that you like the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Anyways, I am hoping Ed makes it to the end. Oh and I also think that Tanner is a lot crazy!

Austin and Ashtyn said...

Is this season AMA-ZING or what?? I am in LOVE with Jake! So darling and they just fit together.I think he will definatly make it to the top 2.. The chemistry was for sure there between them.(He is my pick!) Ed I think is a good one just a little slow to open up. I think michael is darling.. but not for Jillian. It would be like the whole DeAnna choosing Jesse over Jason, the funky fun not the right to settle down with guy. I think she is more rounded then him. But a cute guy, love his spunk! haha and Tanner with his foot fetish, I like him! the fettish is just a little to over the top. But I like his personality!! To bad he lets the fettish get in the way.
Sooo.. thats my oppinion :)

Jeannie and Jason said...

I like Dave and Jake. They are kind of opposite from each other, so weird I have picked them. I agree about hating Juan and Wes; I even hate Wes more than Juan. Yeah, Dave is kind of drama, but I think it is funny.

Connie (and Tony) said...

I'm with you on all of those! The feet guy- sick! And the country singer guy is soooo annoying {plays the same old song lol!} I like Kiptyn, she seems to too. And Jake is a major cutie, and seems really sweet! The only thing wrong with Mike is that he's sooo young (25) But whatev. I'm so excited for next weeks episode!

Char and Trent said...

Ruthann, I had to put in my input on this one! I can never pass up a good Bachelorette post! I think there is alot of attraction between her and Kiptyn.. it looks like some good drama for next week! Jake is adorable even tho he is quite the cheese ball. Ed seemed a little to boring for me.. and Michael is adorable but I must be biased because people have told me he looks just like Trent.. BUT I do agree that he might be too young for her. But I definatly agree with you on all the ones you dont like.. They are all annoying/weird/creepy! But I think Jake is definatly the front runner at this point but we will have to see what happens next week with Kiptyn :) {Its pathetic how much my life revolves around this show}

The Bottjer Family said...

Sorry I'm not really in the loop since I don't watch the show.... but it sounds like fun. When is it on?

Jeannie and Jason said...

I take it back, Dave is psycho and scares me... Just watched this weeks episode. I'm sticking with Jake, ALL THE WAY:)


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