Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas 2008

Here are a few pics from Christmas morning...
Every present Jaxon opened he said, "Spideyman!?"  He was hoping everything would be related to Spiderman somehow.  
Henry loved his rattle.
Jax got lots of puzzles this year.  Here he is doing the ones from Mommy & Daddy.  (He sticks out his tongue in concentration!)
Here they are...all done and all by himself!
Every present Jaxon opened he wanted to play with.  He didn't want to move on and open any others.  So Devin and I decided that we weren't going to have very many presents for our kids at Christmas.  Plus, when they get older, we don't want them thinking, "Is this all I get?"  We want them to know it's not about the presents.  When we ask Jaxon what Christmas is about, he says, "Baby Jesus."  :)

After we did presents at our house, we went over to Granny & Grandpa Judd's house for breakfast and to open presents.  
Jax loves his slide/basketball hoop!
Here is Gramps with Henry & Jax:)
Uncle Joshua, Jaxon, Grandpa, and Henry
Henry & Oma (Great Grandma Nordstrom)
After the Judd's house, we went into town to Great Grandpa Judd's for dinner.  We had a pot luck and then headed over to Devin's parents', uncle's, and grandma's houses to visit.  It was a busy day, but very fun filled with lots of family!

Henry & Great Grandma Done
I love Christmas season and I'm sad it's over, but it was so much fun this year.  I love spending so much time with family and having Devin home from work.  I love my husband and little boys so much!  Life is good:)


Kiera said...

FUN!! looks like an awesome Christmas! that's so nice you got to be with so much family for it! You're little boys are so adorable, I love those pictures of Henry smiling, it's crazy how fast he is growing! That picture of Jaxon in all his spiderman stuff is hilarious!

Tayce and Lacie said...

Your Chirstmas looked like lots of fun! Your boys just keep getting more and more fun. You and Devin are great, thanks for being such a good example to me. Hope you have a great day. Love ya!

Moore Fun said...

Cute Kids! I can't believe Jaxon does those puzzles all by himself...genius!

Connie and Tony said...

your boys are adorable! Hey, I changed my blog address, but you can still get to it from my profile name! fyi I'm just trying to remove my last name from my blog. lol


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