Friday, March 28, 2008


We have been trying to get Jaxon in bed earlier so that Devin and I have time together in the evenings. Jaxon is such a good sport if we go out somewhere and we're out late. Last Saturday, we were over at our friend Cody and Melody's watching "I am Legend" (good movie, really intense!) Jax watched it for a while, well, mostly played quietly while we watched it and at about 9:30 he decided he was tired so he laid down on a blanket on the floor and just fell asleep. It so nice for us when he does this, but when we are at home, we need to put him down earlier. So, I have been making his nap time earlier and waking him up no later than 2:00 so he'll be tired earlier. I am happy to say that on Monday through Wednesday he went to bed at 8:00 and last night he went to bed at 7:30! Yea! In the morning he woke up about 6, which is a little earlier than I prefer, but it's worth it for him to go to sleep earlier. Anyway, yes, my great success story!

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