Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Rush!

Hot dog butt & bun butt

This is totally random, and almost embarrassing how ridiculous we are to notice such things and even mention it to others...oh well...

Last weekend was our Stake Conference. Devin and I were in a huge rush to drop off Jaxon and make it to the adult session on Saturday night so we grilled some hot dogs to eat on the way. I was almost done eating mine when I noticed something I've never seen before. You know, on the end of hot dogs, they have like this bellybutton-looking (or butt-looking, depending on who you ask) mark? Well, I was looking at it (who knows why) when I noticed my bun had a matching mark! Who knew hot dog buns had those? Not me or Devin! I always carry the camera around (for emergency cute moments of Jaxon that I must capture) so I pulled it out and snapped a pic of the double butts!

1 comment:

Kiera said...

hahaha thats hilarious although im not sure I see it! I'll have to ask you in person to make sure i'm looking right.. you crack me up!! I love it!


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