Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Y Workout and Swim

Because we live a pretty good distance from a city library, museums, parks, etc, there's not much to do close to our house.  Plus it is blazing hot in the summer so activities are limited to pretty much indoors.  So, we go swimming at the Y a few days a week.  I work out while the kids go in the play place and then we all swim together.  Sometimes the boys are so crazy in our little stall while we try to eat our snack and change into our swim suits.  It probably seems extra crazy because I am usually tired from my workout.  But, on this day, they were exceptionally good.  
It seems like every time I go another mother comments on how I am brave for bringing all 3 boys to swim. It is quite a circus sometimes, but I don't want to live my life barricaded in my house because I have 3 children ages 4 and under.  And sometimes we do make a scene, but all kids do.


Royalbird said...

People make comments like that to me all the time about all the places I take my kids. Even other members of the Church who have kids the same ages. But I can't stand to stay at home all the time.

Oh how I miss the YMCA! We have rec centers here, which is fine and good, except it costs about $900/year to join (full family membership in order to access the pool and other areas) and then the baby-sitting while you work out isn't even free, it's $2 per hour per kid!

Let's just say that until our kids are teens and can actually go over there by themselves, we won't even consider so much money! Of course by then it will probably be $2000/year!

Connie said...

I'm like you- I not only want to get out but I NEED to! :) Don't you love when kids decide to make the day easier on you?


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