Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lost Feet

Henry's latest bedtime antics include him claiming "my feet are going to get lost."  What is he thinking?  What does that even mean?  How can I explain that it is NOT going to happen?  Why is he doing this and when will he stop?!

No matter what I say he can't be pacified.  He never had any trouble sleeping until we moved him out of his crib.  Even when we took the binki* and he was still in the crib he slept fine.  I used to be so proud of the fact that we could just lay him down for naps and bedtime and he would go right to sleep.  And, I don't think it's all from the baby because he started doing it before Oliver was born.  Some nights, Henry wakes up more times than Oliver!

Advise and tips are welcome.

*What is the correct spelling for binki?  binkie?  binky?  binkey?


The Stevens Family said...

Maybe you should make some magic slipper for him to wear to bed, that snap to the bottom of his pj's..and make sure he gets to be involved with making them so he can tell you details of how to protect his! What a nut!

Connie said...

Oh man I don't know! Brody has to fall asleep with the light on and I don't know when that'll stop (night lights don't work and neither does glow in the dark stars on the ceiling... "but you won't see the stars, brody!" ...nothing. lol)
I say binky but I've seen it a multitude of ways (;
(I guess I'm a "new" follower- I thought I WAS following you ;)

shirley elizabeth said...

I was always afraid of the belly-button man when I went to bed.....Maybe Devin's secretly been creating new villians for your boys...


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