Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010 Granny & Gramps

I have a lot of blogging catching up to do.  It's best when I update daily so I don't get behind.  If too many things happen that I want to record, I feel overwhelmed and don't want to ever do it!  I want to keep the posts in chronological order, so here's the first of quite a few...

My parents had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas so we celebrated with them on "Christmas Adam," as Devin calls it (Adam came before Eve...get it?)  Anyway, here's Jaxon in the Santa outfit that my great grandpa Ivar used to wear when my mom was little.  Granny & Gramps made the chimney for Jaxon to play in.
 Gramps putting the boys' Harry Potter wands together.  They were covered in tape casts within 2 hours because they broke at every connection joint.  
"Mark, set, go!" 
 Henry loves being silly to get laughs from others.  He's got such a fun personality (when he's not morphed into his terrible two self).

After dinner and presents we tried convincing Oliver that he should come by going on a walk.  As we all know, it didn't work, but the walk did cause a lot of contractions and was fun!  I learned all about my brothers big garden project he's a part of at ASU.  It's pretty amazing and I'm proud of all his hard work!

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