Thursday, January 28, 2010

Too Soon

A few days ago I tried running to our mailbox and my hips felt like they felt at about mile 24 of the marathon!  It was too soon for me to start running again.  It was a little bummed, but knew I needed to let my muscles/joints/tendons/bones/organs recover and not push myself before my body was ready.

But... yesterday when I tested again, I felt great!  I ran to the mailbox and was thrilled that my aches and pains were healed!  Now I can't wait to actually "go for a run!"

My mailbox is across the street and down like 5 houses--not very far at all.  Does that make it better or worse?


Fiery Jack said...

How far away is your mailbox??

Kiera said...

isn't it right outside your house?! haha :) jk

Shalyce Narducci said...

where did your post about the tv antenna go? I wanted to know the answers bc I wondered myself!

mollie said...

Hey Ruthann, I don't know if I'm the Mike you're refering to but I'll comment anyway :-) Pain is a pretty good guide, so if it does not bother you to run that far then its usually ok. But I know you, so don't push it!


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