Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Run

Last night was my last run before the marathon.  It was full of emotions--relief (though the biggest challenge is yet to come), excitement, frustration, joy, sadness, and gratitude.

Relief for knowing the workouts are over and it's just the race left.
Excitement for the race!  It's so close!
Frustration because I am unsure if I should wear my knee brace.  I haven't run with it before, but my knee hurts on my long runs so I think I might need it.
Joy because I have come so far and done so much to get here.
Sadness because the journey is almost over.
Gratitude for my healthy body and and strong mind that got me here.

I enjoyed it.

PS...My workout ended on a high note when a guy said I look like I'm 18.  Fabulous:)


shirley elizabeth said...

Good luck good luck!! I would suggest wearing the brace. You don't realize how much it helps till after you try it. I wore knee suppports for two years straight in high school. while running I mean.

Zach "Sunshine" Anderson said...

You are going to do fantastic! I say wear the knee brace and if it doesn't work out, just stop and take it off. Have fun with it and be smart the first 13 miles, and really work the last 6 miles!

brady lady said...

good luck, girl! you are crazy to run such a long race! i could never, not because i couldn't because i just wouldn't! and yes, you still look like you're 18, let's hope you still feel 18 after you race! have fun!

Adam and Nicole said...

Go Ruthann!!! Good luck! I am sure you will do great!

Tayce and Lacie said...

You are amazing girl. I miss you and I have something for you. Someday I will send it to you. Good luck on your race you will do wonderful!


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