Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice Cream Year Round

One reason I could never live anywhere but Arizona is that anywhere else it's too cold to have ice cream at night year round.  And I have it every night.  Year round.

I love ice cream.  Mmmm...rocky road is my favorite!


The B Team said...

I completely agree. My ice cream of choice right now is mint chocolate chip. I have a cone of it every night:) On another note, I'm so impressed by you running a full marathon! That is seriously awesome.

Fiery Jack said...

No way! I have ice cream every night too! (k, well not really every night, but as often as I can) Shirley doesn't get it (I love you Shirley if you read this).

Royalbird said...

I did have ice cream every night in AZ, here it's just too darn cold, so if I have it, it's followed quickly by hot chocolate.

My fave is mint chocolate chip, but love rocky road too.

Miss you!


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