Saturday, May 23, 2009

Um, no. I don't think so.

Henry was born on his August 27 (his actual due date, ha!) last year.  Anyone who has been in Arizona in August very well knows how hot it gets.  Devin likes to call it "warm" because he says it makes it "bearable" and "hot" implies "unbearable."  I call it hot because it is HOT!  

Exhibit A:
Seriously?!  That's hot.

Granted, that was right when we got in the car after it had been sitting outside for 2 hours, but still!  It cooled down to the actual temperature of 99...also hot.

This leads me to me back to my story...

So, last summer I was 9 months pregnant in August and my dad asked me, "So, have you been using your clothesline to dry your laundry?"  

I wasn't upset he asked me that question, I just wasn't sure if he realized how crazy that idea was.  A pregnant lady, 9 months pregnant to be exact, standing outside in 115 degree weather to hang clothes out when she had a perfectly good dryer inside her nice, air conditioned house?  Um, no.  I don't think so.  Even though Devin was doing his student teaching at the time and not getting paid, I was fully happy to pay $3 or whatever is cost to dry my laundry in the dryer.  Maybe if I was as tough as a pioneer woman I would have used the clothesline, but I'm not that tough and will never claim to be. I hung the towels out!  It's still "warm," not quite hot, so I'll do it for now.  And, I'm not pregnant, so I guess I should do it anyway.


Jami said...

I have been thinking that I should hang clothes out this summer. It would save us money, and it is so HOT outside that it would take no time for clothes to dry. BUT I think I would dry my "whites" in my dryer in the house!
Good for you...I am impressed!

Connie (and Tony) said...

Good for you. I wouldn't care to use the clothes line either but why not if it saves some money, right? Be careful though because I left clothes out too long before and they got sun bleached!


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