Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crawling & Teething

On Saturday, May 2 he took his first real crawl steps, just a few days over 8 months.  By now, 5 days later, he's crawling all over the place!  He's a lot like Jaxon in the fact that he hates crawling and just wants to walk!  Henry gets so mad when he can't stand up.  Jaxon started walking at 9 months after just crawling for about a week.  I don't know if Henry will make it by 9 months, but he sure hopes so!  I will be glad when he can walk too because he'll be a happier kid!

Also, on Saturday, May 2 I felt Henry's first tooth poking through the gums!  (It's his right bottom middle.)  He had a little fever so I was giving him Tylenol and good thing because with a tooth coming in, I'm sure he was thankful for the relief.  I hope they don't take long to come in because teething is a tough time for him and me.  When he's in pain and cranky, then I'm cranky too.  Loose loose situation!  I remember when Jaxon was teething, he was hardly ever cranky, but it sure seems to rough on Henry.  My poor baby!

Now maybe he'll grow some hair??!!


Connie (and Tony) said...

WOW walking at 9 months! That's pretty early!

Henry is a cutie!

Thorne Family said...

It's so nice when they can move on their own. I can't believe he just barely got teeth. Wesson had 2 teeth by 4 months! But if you take real vanilla and rub it on his gum it will help kill the pain. I works better than oral gel. Also chewing on cucumbers is supposed to help with the pain.

Staci said...

Teething is an interesting thing! I never know if the snotty nose, diarrea, fever, whatever, is teething or really a sickness. It is very confusing! Henry is getting so big! It's crazy how they grow so fast. Every new stage is fun but then I realize they are not little anymore. :(


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