Saturday, March 7, 2009

Potty Training Update

It has been a week and we have made major progress!  Jaxon is doing so good at going potty in the toilet.  He tells us when he needs to go and only had 1 accident today and 1 yesterday.  

But...when it comes to pooping, he just won't go on the toilet!  It's frustrating (but we can't show it).  He'll be sitting on the toilet having lots of gas but insisting he doesn't need to go.  So, we let him get down, he goes outside, and literally 1 minute later, he'll come in a say he went in his underwear.  This has happened like 3 times.  Devin and I have come to the conclusion that he Jaxon is uncomfortable going in front of people.  I have tried leaving him on the toilet to give him privacy, but he doesn't like me to leave either...  We also think he is just comfortable going in the back yard.  

So, I think I am going to put his potty chair on the porch in the backyard to get him used to going on the chair in an environment he is used to and then try moving it into the house.  Though, he does like to go on the big toilet (with a little kid seat so he doesn't fall) so I am not sure if he'll want to go on his little potty...  I don't know what else to do!  Any ideas???


The Van Fam said...

Ok here's what i think about potty training... i know every kid is different and they say not to put kids back in diapers after putting them in underware. but with trey we had the same situation, he would do great with pee pee but never poo poo. so we put him back in underware for a couple months and then tried again and the second time he was totally ready and potty trained in 2 days! so my idea is just to wait until he is totally ready to do it on his own. and about the zoo, ya we should go sometime. let me know when you guys are going next.

Thorne Family said...

Try to have him feel comfortable on the potty. Sing songs with him or give him a snack so he will sit for a while and just let it go. Once he poops on the potty he should start feeling comfortable about going.

Holly Janeen said...

to answer your question... yep- me and hypbobirthing are TZIGHT. i used it during my miscarrage, and i plan on using it a lot during this delivery... wish me luck :)

Camille said...

Hi Ruthann! It's fun to have found your blog---what a cute family you have!

I don't have any ideas for potty training, as the only potty training I've ever been involved with was my own, and that was years ago. : ) Good luck, though!


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