Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bachelor - My 2 Cents

Okay, I don't want to waste too much of my time on this, but I do have a few things to say...

First, poor Melissa!  Obvious reasons, I don't need to list them.  She's super sweet and she'll find someone.  She did a great job of sticking up for herself and bringing up good points like, "You chose Melissa, but you're not willing to fight for Melissa."  Good girl!

Second, I was SO mad at Jason when he broke up with Melissa and said he loved Molly, but after thinking it through, I'm not so upset.  

Here's why:  
I think it's lame he says he's just "following his heart" because that really isn't the reason.  Anyone who says the aren't in love with someone anymore, whether it be a girlfriend or wife, might say that.  That's just an excuse that people don't really like to challenge, "Oh, following your heart, huh?  That's stupid."  People don't think it's bad to "follow your heart," so that's just what he calls it.  Their (Melissa and Jason's) relationship just wasn't what he thought it would be, so his "heart" changed his mind.  And, I thought it was dumb for him to say he can't control his mind from having thoughts about Molly.  Um, married men better know how to control their thoughts!  So he better learn how if he wants to keep a wife.

Truly, and Jason did say this one time in one of the after interviews and I totally agree with it, he said something like, had this been real life, he would not have stopped dating any of the final 3 girls when he was forced to because he wasn't ready to make the decision, but of course, there were time constraints on the show.  He said he would have kept dating them until he was ready to make a good decision.  I agree.  I think the show, which it's not the show's "fault," it's just the rules, forced him to make a decision before he was ready and it was such an extreme decision, when he realized it wasn't the right one for him, he needed to go back on it.  

Of course it sucks he didn't make the right decision the first time, but I do think it's better he fixed it sooner than later.  I don't know if he really gave Melissa and his relationship a fair shot (being in a long distance relationship is tough enough, let alone having to keep it a secret), but he thinks he did.  I don't quite understand how the "chemistry changed..."

I don't know, it can be argued either way.  "He should stick with Melissa, he proposed to her."  Or, "It's better he didn't marry her and then change his mind."  Though, I partly think he proposed because that was his purpose, to find a wife.  His plan was to propose, not just find someone to date.  He carried out his plan in the amount of time the show allowed, but it wasn't really enough time.  But, once again, had it been in the real world, he wouldn't have chosen so quickly.  

I don't know if I explained what I really mean clearly, but I shouldn't spend too much time on this!

Anyway, why do we all care so much???!!!  Dang reality tv, sucks me in every time!

Anyone up for America's Next Top Model?  Season premiere was on tonight!  Oh, and American Idol--love it!


Austin and Ashtyn said...

Ok so I know reality tv is so stupid, but we love it! So yesterday I was watching Ellen (becuase I always do but also because Chris was on, Melissa today, Jason and Molly on Friday) anyways I was flipping through the channels and found on Access Hollywood and Extra was Jason's ex wife! Turns out she is darling and seems totally normal! And (granted this info is coming from Access Hollywood and Extra) but it showed the divorce papers and she was the one who filed! And they have joint custody of Ty but she makes more money so she has to pay Child support! So this whole Oh poor Jason single dad with a physco ex wife... A LIE! Wow I am so emotionally into this!! haha had to share my info

The Bottjer Family said...

I didn't know ANTM was on again? I haven't seen any previews. I guess I know what I'll be watching the next 6 weeks during recovery! We'll have to make it another girl's night so I don't go antisocial.


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