Friday, May 30, 2008

San Diego Trip

Who doesn't love the beach? We had such a great time! Devin's parents have a time share right on the beach. We went with them for a week and absolutely loved it!

As soon as we got out of the car from the long ride, we wanted to go right to the beach. Here's Jax soaking up his first time seeing the ocean.

Since we came all the way to San Diego Devin and I wanted to do a session in the temple. It was beautiful!

We spend the next day at the beach. It was sunny and perfect:) We rode some waves and found a few shells. Jaxon liked to walk in the water as long as the seaweed didn't wash up onto his feet.

Cute toes!

The next day, we went to Old Town San Diego. We looked at some of the sites and shops.
We visited the Mormon Battalion Museum in Old Town. It's really amazing what those men did for our country and faith. I had no idea.
In Old Town, there is a little root beer shop. We all got root beer floats...yummy!
The next day was Sunday, so after finally finding the church, sitting through sacrament meeting, and coming home, we went for a walk down the pier and boardwalk. It was fun to watch the surfers.
Monday, we went to Sea World. Since Jaxon loves Nemo, we thought he'd love all the fish there, and we were right! We fed the dolphins and every time I asked if he wanted to touch one, he said no, but he did touch a starfish!
He loved the helicopter in the Arctic movie/ride. Devin & I went on the roller coaster and got all wet. It was really fun! Since going to Disney World in December, I have grown a love for roller coasters! I wasn't sure if I should since I'm pregnant, but my belly barely touched the safety bar the baby and I were good!
Our last day we wanted to go to the beach again. It wasn't quite ideal weather for that, but we went anyway. Jaxon helped daddy build a sand castle. It was so cute to watch them together. Devin is such a good daddy!

Here is the view off our balcony (at night). Yep, that's the ocean:)
I love this pic. I think my husband is such a hottie and I absolutely love him!!!
Oh yeah, we saw Pauly Shore at the beach...hahaha...

If we ever move there (not that we are planning on it, but still) I will open a running store with everything anyone needs to, clothes, strollers, etc. There are so many runners there it is awesome! I love to see people keeping their bodies fit. I really wanted to run on the beach or boardwalk, but my growing belly prevented it of course.


royalbird said...

Looks like a fun trip! I love the ocean, but I don't really like going in it.

The Bottjer Family said...

SO much fun. We should plan a trip together so the boys can play at the beach. Running on the beach is fun, and very relaxing. I highly recommend it..... you forget you're even running!

Jake & Becca said...

SO FUN! I'm jealous and proud of you for riding rides while you were pregnant. Probably the best time to do so since earlier there is more sickness and later you might not fit : ) Love all the updates! Check out the judd and mine and jake's blog, I finally updated!

Tayce and Lacie Jo Robinson said...

You guys are great and so dang cute. All of you. I hope all is well with little Henry (Is that still his name?) Well I'm glad you are having a good summer. Love ya guys.

John and Jada McFarlane said...

I am so jealous, your vacation looked like a blast! We are in desperate need of a little Vacation. Oh and I can't believe your little brother graduated, I still think of him as I last saw him, haha that is funny! Tell Josh congrats. Your family is so cute and I am excited to see your upcoming addition!

Zach said...

How fun for you to visit San Diego! I work in Hollywood and love this area. I love to see the pictures of your fam. Say "hi" to Devin for me, I haven't seen him since graduation night. Oh, and let him know I served a mission with someone he baptized. Small world.

Jeni and Mike said...

Hey Ruthann! I hope you don't mind but I saw your blog through some other people and added you on. I can't believe you're having your second child! Time flies. Hope all is going well for you guys.

Jeni (formerly Pace)


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