Thursday, October 6, 2011

St George

On our way up to Utah for a family reunion we stopped at Del Taco for dinner.  We specifically chose Del Taco because they had a kids play place.  But, the play place was closed and that was a bummer.  You certainly can't tell from the look on Henry's face that he is bummed about it.  

Beautiful St. George Temple
 On Sunday we went to sacrament meeting at the first building we could find.  It just so happened to be a senior branch.  So our family was the only one with kids.  It was the quietest meeting I have ever been to!  Luckily, our kids were exceptionally good that week so we didn't stand out too much.  After the meeting an old guy even came up and said our kids were "so well behaved."  

That's Henry with a beanie baby bear inside Devin's church shoe.  He told Devin to take off his shoe and then used it for a boat for his Yogi Bear.  What an imagination!
Ollie was such a trooper in the car
 Henry was so tired he fell asleep at dinner.  He actually does the frequently, while still chewing.
 We went to the dinosaur track museum.  Yes, a dinosaur track museum, not a dinosaur museum.  Not as cool.
 Trying Origami at the museum

 Teething on the chair
 I sat behind the boys for a while because other people were in the van with us.  Here's a few with my super excited kids...

And that's all the pictures I got from our trip.  For all the stuff we did, I should have taken more.  But some of the other fun things we did include:

Grocery shopping at Harmon's (the best grocery store ever).

My own alone time at Robert's Arts and Crafts!  Amazing!

Seeing Devin's grandma, grandpa, aunt, cousin, cousin's husband, and their cute baby.

Swimming in the condo ice cold pool then jumping in the jacuzzi and back in the pool.

Running what felt like 5 miles on a giant hill, but then realizing it was only 2.

Showering in an awesome shower without a door in hot water!  (At home our shower is so far away from the water heater the water doesn't get as hot as I would like it.  "Turn the heat up" you say, but in the kitchen, right next to the water heater, the water will just about scald your flesh so we don't want to do that.)

Sleeping in a KING sized bed.  One of the loves of my life.  Some day we will upgrade.

Seeing my amazing friend Lacee and her itty-bitty baby who was born super early.  Little baby Olivia is sure blessed to have such and amazing mommy!

Getting 2 pairs of running shoes and 4 pairs of running socks for $125!  What a steal of a deal at the outlets in Laughlin!  We stayed there on our drive home so we wouldn't have to do it all at once.

Getting woken up an average of 5 times a night because of Ollie's teeth coming in--SO sad!

Getting woken up about 5 times because of second hand cigarette smoke seeping through the door from the room next door during our night in Laughlin.  I guess that's what you get for being too poor to afford a nice hotel and falling for the cheap rooms in a casino.

Seeing Josh and Joy and their family (My personal highlight of the trip!  It might be Devin's too, but then again it might come second to his Harmon's shopping.)


Oh, yeah, and fixing a flat tire!  Maybe we are jinxed because on our last family vacation (only a few months ago) we got a flat tire too!  This time instead of it being blazing hot, it was really cold because it was really late at night and just off the mountain outside of Fredonia.  I broke down at that point.  Devin was a champ, of course.  I just couldn't believe it happened to us again!  On another long road trip!  But, after Devin got the spare on and pronounced it "pretty low" we said a desperate prayer and went along on our way.  After the prayer I did feel peace that we would arrive safely and we did!  It definitely was a blessing of safety and peace because I was so nervous about that spare!

It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun!

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Fiery Jack said...

I had a comment for just about everything I read/saw when I read this post. But I'll show some restraint.

I love that Henry falls asleep every where. It cracks me up.

The bangs look nice. Are they new? Have we not seen you guys in person since last halloween?

Our shower is far from the water heater too. Though I don't notice a drop in temperature... it just takes forever to heat up!

I'm all about queen beds. Who wants to have to traverse a giant (king size) bed to get to a spouse on the other side?

Trey started teething too. Woke us up all night that first night and he was such a sad little man.

That's all.


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