Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder about this stuff too...

Kids lifting weights?
I absolutely love lifting weights. Not like I want to be huge or super strong. I just want to be toned. There is nothing like looking in the mirror and loving the way your body looks (especially as a woman) and lifting wights, along with running, help me be able to do that...

...But when I go to the gym and see young kids lifting weights I get worried. There is this one kid who goes with his dad and he (the kid) never looks like he is enjoying himself. I'm pretty sure his dad is making him go to turn him into a man or something stupid like that. I wanna go up to the dad and tell him, "Don't you know you can actually stunt your kid's growth by making him do this kind of exercise when he is so young? Do him a favor and let him go outside and play tag like the other kids his age. When he gets into high school, that's the time for him to lift weights."

I like change.
Not big changes like moving, but little changes like new furniture or rearranging a room or putting different pictures up. I guess I spend everyday at home and enjoy mixing it up a little. When I like the way a room is decorated, every time I walk into it it makes me happy:) I recently redid our kitchen and want to post pics, but there is one little thing I have left to do first.

Does anyone else have guilt if they litter?
I remember this one statement one of my leaders said in Young Women when I was younger. She said, "We can show our gratitude to Heavenly Father for our beautiful planet by not littering." From that moment on, I have never littered. Not only that, but if I accidently drop something and almost don't pick it up, I feel so guilty! Wow, that sounds prude...

Stinky Garbage=Stinky Car
This equation is a disgusting phenomenon. It's true though. I can say goodbye to the nice new car smell in my van when it sits in the garage along with stinky van. Ew.

More to Love Mom
Yes, I watch this show. Not religiously like the Bachelor(ette) but is was created by the same people. I actually have a lot to say about this show, but I'll stick to the subject here...
This is what one of the girls said when asked if she saw herself as a career mom or a stay at home mom: "I definitely see myself as a career mom. I have to keep myself busy, you know?"
Wow. I was making Devin watch it with me and he laughed out loud when she said that. He said, "What is she thinking? Moms aren't busy?" I was pretty proud he's the one who said that because it's pretty much what I was thinking. It's so funny that women actually think being a mom won't keep them busy.

More to Love Luke
K, so the guy actually said one of the best things a guy could say, "I think the biggest mistake a man can make in a relationship is not appreciating his lady enough and showing her and making her feel appreciated." How sweet is that? I was really impressed!

That's all for now.


The Bottjer Family said...

I wonder what my list would have on it if I wrote random things that I think about during the day. Maybe I should try it!

I agree that younger kids should not be lifting weights.... although they push it a lot in high school sports. I remember having to "hit the gym" when I was a freshman. Yes, stinky garbage can make for a stinky car--- but I only notice my car was stinky when I left the windows in my car open/cracked, otherwise it seemed okay. (maybe it is stinky and i'm used to it? Yikes! I hope not. I am paranoid about being the stinky house, now I have to think about my car too)

Valentine said...

I agree, kids should be able to be kids when their young. They already get so much thrown at them early in life. The kids in my neighborhood are at the bus stop at 6:30am!! I so don't agree w/ that but I don't know if it's because it's early for them or I'm not looking forward to getting up at 5am to get them ready and off to school! Selfish?! Being that your hubby is in the "teaching" profession...what's your guys opinion of all day Kindergarten? Do you like or dislike?
I'd like to give my little "peanut gallery" comments to the women of today that think a "mom" isn't busy compared to a "working mom." I have a magnet on my fridge that says..."Parenthood: the only job that's really FULL TIME." I think that speaks for itself.

Royalbird said...

Crazy when people who don't have children yet think that being a mom won't keep them busy enough. I think that's just sad. I did lots of toning and conditioning as a young gymnast, so who am I to argue that one, but it can stunt the growth (i.e. all the gymnasts you've ever seen). I couldn't watch that More to Love show when it first was advertised as "finally, a reality show with real people in it", like I'm not real because I am at the weight I'm supposed to be at for my height and body type. That turned me off from ever tuning in.


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