Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Ward

We just got back from our ward Valentine dinner.  I just have to say, I LOVE those people!  They are so much fun and so friendly, nice, funny, genuine, goofy, pretty much everything that makes for a good time.  Some people don't think you can have that much fun unless alcohol is involved, but I say just come to a Mormon party and you will have an awesome time and laugh until your cheeks hurt!


Ryan and Denyse said...

Our ward really is the best! We are so glad we you guys are in the ward, we're going to miss you all when we leave!!

Candi said...

It is so great to find you! It has been a really long time!!! It looks like your life is going really well. Your children are adorable.

P.S. I so agree with you, Mormon parties are so much fun!


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